Douglass has the best swag in the City!

Douglass has the best swag in the City!

The newest Douglass shirts. I was subbing at Douglass today and was fully prepared to spend the $10-15 on a shirt. I’m all ready to represent.

The gentleman, a large bodyguard type, whose name escapes me right now, told me I could have it for free. “These are the new ones,” he said. “The other teachers might be mad that the new guy is getting one first.”

We laughed. I insisted on paying. “Naw,” he protested. “You’re now a part of the ‘turnaround.'”

Aesthetically, I love the logo and the colors. I’m always struck by the seriousness of the school’s depiction of the great Frederick Douglass. It’s essentially a highly contrasted replication of a historical image. But the simplicity conveys such a grandeur and seriousness. It’s challenging to look at.