The WreckingLot…Reborn

So…forget everything I said before (and a long time ago) about The WreckingLot.  Luckily, I didn’t say much at all. 

Nonetheless, things have changed for me and so they will change for TWL.  This summer, I begin rigorous teacher certification training through a program called Baltimore City Teaching Residency.  You can think of it as Teach for America, but specifically for Baltimore City Public Schools.  Thankfully, I’ve already scored a job for the fall at Frederick Douglass High School, a historic school in West Baltimore just southwest of Druid Hill Park.  If you know the area — just across the street from Mondawmin Mall.  I’ve also been lucky enough to be hired as a substitute teacher by the district.  (My short tenure as an adjunct at the Community College of Baltimore County came to an end this past week as I entered students’ final grades for the semester.)  It’s a real blessing to be able to be at Douglass substituting.  It has given me the opportunity to “be around the school” before I’m officially teaching here full-time.

TWL, then, will become a lot of things.  It’s going to be a chronicle and a commentary.  I will chronicle my experiences in the Baltimore City Public School System, which may include BCTR related musings, but also allow posts to spin-off into any manner of subjects.  The mistake I made in my initial post was to try to be specific and focused.  That’s not how I roll.  I anticipate — should I be patient and dedicated enough — that TWL might end up being a dumping ground (or, you know, a wrecking lot) for the scraps of observations, rants, narratives, and stories, that develop in and around me.  That might mean BCPS related stuff, Douglass related stuff, or Baltimore City politics.  It could also mean the occasional in-depth, possibly academic, treatment of pedagogical or curriculum related matters.

Anyway.  I have no readers yet.  Frankly, even if I never have a single reader, TWL might serve to keep me sane.  If I do accumulate readers, I’ll appreciate your community.




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